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Jul. 15th, 2013



Time to Choose 2013 Shirt Colours!!

2013 Shirt Colours

It's that time once again lads and wenches! Time to argue over the color of the fabric for this year's T-shirts. Weigh in with your opinion on our Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, and LiveJournal pages. You can even Tweet us with your suggestions!! We will of course probably wander off down the beach, drink some rum, pass out, wake up, pass out, wake up and then select a colour on our own, entirely ignoring your input. We're fun like that.

Sep. 19th, 2012



In Honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day

I present to you all Michael Nesmith's "Pirate Alphabet" from the movie "Elephant Parts"

Apr. 6th, 2011



A little pirate in the Blue Ridge

 Just thought I would share this picture.  My youngest brother does wood carving and when this little fella got his foot broken off he decided to recreate it into this.  If you live in the area, this bear is at the Waffle King on 515.

Jul. 20th, 2010



New Pirate Bar In Atlanta

 Have you guys been here??  I've got a job interview of sorfts there tomorrow night for MC'ing the trivia games.  


Feb. 24th, 2010

buccaneer american



I'm going to CardBoard Con this year! I'm even going to be a guest! W00t!

It's one of the newest conventions in Atlanta! Will you be attending?

Sep. 14th, 2009



PiratePalooza 5 : Pub Sing Details

Like swallows to Capistrano, the pirates are returning to Decatarrrr once more!! This year marks the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY of the Dreaded PiratePalooza™ and between today and tomorrow we'll be releasing an information blast here and on PiratePalooza.com with all the details you'll need to ensure that you don't miss this nefarious tradition. First info up on deck: our entertainment line-up for the Pub Sing at the James Joyce.

It's so ENORMOUS we're placing it after the cut, so as not to clog up your LJ friend feed....

2009 PiratePalooza Pub Sing Line-upCollapse )

As soon as we get confirmation on one last port of call for the pubcrawl we'll post an interactive Google map to PiratePalooza.com so stay tuned! Yarrrrr!!!


Aug. 5th, 2009



Palooza Survey

I've posted this in my personal journal and nearly forgot to share it with the community!! (whoops)

In case you missed it, I've posted a survey over on PiratePalooza.com asking 10 little questions about previous PiratePaloozas and the upcoming fifth edition of the PiratePalooza. I'm trying to build a good idea of what most of attendees are there for and ensure that we're staying on target. If you haven't already given it a whirl, pop over and give me your input!! Feel free to share it with your friends if you haven't already done so, and MANY thanks to everyone who has already taken the survey!!! ;)

May. 26th, 2009



Here's Your Stinking THONG!!!!

For the last two years girls have occasionally approached me about buying PiratePalooza-themed underwear.... LOVE the underwear chat.

Anyway, I held off actually doing underwear because it seemed like a real sell-out thing to do. Just cheesy and dumb. On-Demand thongs were the biggest marketing joke of the mid 2000s because nobody ever actually bought them... it was more of an ego-stroke for the person uploading the art, not a real niche-filling response to a market need.... but people really LOVE the PiratePalooza logo and they've INCREASED their requests for this stuff.... so.....


But you know what? My favorite girl-thing is the 3/4 sleeve baseball tees (especially the brown one).
Rock Band RedPirate in Pink

All of those things and more are now available over at the PiratePalooza Spreadshirt Store!!!!

But wait, there's one more thing.... The PiratePalooza Zazzle Store!!!

This is where you can buy lots of neat gifts, like coffee mugs....
Woodgrain & GoldSurrender the Pink!!It's Full of STARS!!!

And Stamps!!!!!
Captain Drew Postage

The WoodyPaloozaThe Pinky ShoesterThe PunkyPalooza

Anyway, there's more, and there CAN be more... if you have a PiratePalooza themed thingy you want, let me know and I'll see if I can't get something up there for you to buy... I'm barely adding anything to the original price of these things, and when I have time I'll add some more graphically sophisticated stuff..... but in the meantime.... HAVE A PARTY!!!



May. 16th, 2009



Men's Pirate Boots for Sale

A friend of mine bought these, not thinking about his rather sizable calves.....

They are BRAND new, and listed for 35.88$ on ebay plus over$ 12 in shipping.  I am willing to let them go for $25, plus either you can pick up (if in the Atlanta Metro Area) or you pop for whatever shipping you wish.  They are a men's 10-11, boot calf is a full 16 inches, boot is 14.5 inches high, rear calf zipper is 15 inches
Paypal is possible.  But contact me here first

Oct. 23rd, 2008



Rockin' PiratePalooza™ 2008 Video!

Our gifted internet friend Arthur has uploaded his video from this year's PiratePalooza™ gathering at the James Joyce Irish Pub and it's a DOOZY of a video, weighing in at 8 minutes. I've spotted DOZENS of you in this thing... it's a veritable Who's Who of PiratePalooza™ and ought to satiate any of you who couldn't make it this year (of for those who did make it and want to re-live it (sans headache) over and over).

Without further adieu, here's the World Premiere of Arthur's (aka "SexyBeast") video of PiratePalooza™ 2008!!!

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